2007-09-06 / Letters to the Editor

More people must be thanked

The Holy Ghost Society wishes to thank the following people, whose names were left out of a previous thank you letter.

Peter Medeiros, Darleen Gammon, Rita & Moe, Maple Creek Farm, Debbie, Marty and Sue, Steve Linda, Ammie and Adam Andrade, Joe Andrade, Jimmy Godena Jr., John Godena, Al and Sandy Bowder, Al Lopes, Amy Vigars, Cut Rite Concrete Cutting Corp., Keith and Nick Sweeney, Mark Mello, Linda Brown, Marlene Murphy, Polly Lathan, Joe Texiera, Jeff Rezendes, Nancy Moorhead, Lanee Clark, Peggy, Evelyn and Genevieve, Cayla Haggearty and Courtney Beanchamp.

Thank you so much everyone!

The Holy Ghost Society

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