2007-09-20 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

Kathleen Brown will narrate, Hannah Cordes will be Cinderella and Michael Liebhauser will play Jack in the upcoming production of "Into the Woods" to be staged by the Jamestown Community Theatre.

Others chosen for the cast and their roles in the Steven Sondheim musical are: Rebecca Brazil, Jack's mother; Matt Bolles, baker; Jenna Regan, baker's wife; Melissa Mastrostefano, Cinderella's stepmother; Georgia Wright, Florinda; Dana Larkin, Lucinda; John McCauley, Cinderella's father; Natalie Toland, Little Red Riding Hood; Terry Horsley, mysterious man; and Elizabeth Andrews, witch.

Also, Debra Murphy as Cinderella's mother; Jeff Kerr, the Wolf and Cinderella's prince; Patty Vandal, Granny; Camille Baker, Rapunzel; Scott Viloudaki, Rapunzel's prince; Donald Haskell, steward; Joshua Brown, giant; Tiffany Wolfe, Snow White; and Alexandra Brown, Sleeping Beauty.

The Adult Ensemble is composed of Wendy Harvey, Barbara Haskell, Ann Lamont and Durga Larkin.

The Children's Ensemble consists of Damien Beecroft, Hansel; Julia Hirsch, Gretel; Caellum Kerr and Johnny Lamont, dwarves; and Caleb Brown, Pinocchio.

The Dancing Princesses are Raeshelle Devalerio, Lucy Jones, Mady Brown, Nina Diepenbrock, Tiffany Wolfe, Alexandra Brown, Briana Coffidis and Sydney Pazera.

What does Jack, of Jack and the Beanstalk fame, do with the dead giant in the backyard is one of the qustions answered in "Into the Woods."

Lisa Brown is producer and Julie Andrews is the director. Six performances are scheduled for mid-November.

Congratulations to all.


Islander Will Deffley, whom we wrote about in last week's column, and his La Salle team defeated the North Kingstown High Schools eleven 37-0 Friday night. Will scored one of the TDs.


We heard our first radio Christmas commercial on Sept. 12.


Many, many hugs for Fred Newman who was 90 on Monday.


Sixty-nine years ago tomorrow, the Great Hurricane of 1938 struck Rhode Island devastating the state.

So far this year we have escaped such devastation, even though a very active season was predicted by the weather "experts" in the spring. In fact, as of this writing, only one storm, a catergory 1 hurricane has brushed the entire United States.

Yet, we continue to be illegally redlined on our home insurance coverage by several companies whose lobbyists have the General Assembly in their pockets. Homeowners also have to put up with an inept attorney general.


Kudos to four island women who walked the three-day, 50- mile "Closer to a Cure" Multiple Sclerosis Challenge Walk on Cape Cod.

Linda Brown, Gloria Dahl, Barbara Lundy and Darcy Magratten were part of a nine-member team named "Team Paige."

The team's leader and namesake is Paige Magratten, Darcy's sister-in-law who lives in Providence. Team Paige raised more than $22,000 and was a strong contributor to the three-day event which raised more than $1 million for Multiple Sclerosis research.

The women reported that despite the blisters and sore legs, the experience was amazing and truly worth all the hours of training it took to prepare for walking 50 miles.

Darcy said, "The group especilly wishes to extend heartfelt thanks to each and everyone who contributed to its fundraising efforts. The group also sends a big thanks to Robin Monihan, who, unexpectedly, showed up at a check point on the Cape to cheer us on during the final 5 miles of Day 1 in plus 90-degree heat. What a friend!"

Great job, Team Paige!!


We took an old weathered plywood door to the dump Sunday, but dumpmeister Harry Curfman told us it was too big to throw in the chute. He said we'd have to take it home and cut it into three pieces and bring it back.

While we mulled over having to cut it with a hand saw, Jim Reilly, who was standing nearby and listening to our dilemma, offered to cut it for us right then and there. It seems he had a large electric saw in his pickup. We both drove to the dump office where there was an outside electrical outlet and he quickly sliced the door into three pieces.

Many thanks, Jim, your kind offer to help made our week.

What ever happened to Orange Crush?


Barbara-Ann Mac Intosh is in with the lyrics to My Heart Stood Still. She said she believes it to be a Frank Sinatra hit.


Discourage aggressiveness in your cat. Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic tells how in his Pet Tip of the Week. "Does your sweet cat occasionally get carried away when playing and bite or scratch you? Cats have a strong prey drive and playful games can escalate to more aggressive behavior. One way to avoid this is to only play with your cat while using cat toys and don't ever use your hands or feet or clothing as the toys when playing so they don't get used to attacking or batting at you.

"If your cat does bite or grab on to you while playing, don't pull away as your cat may think you are playing harder and just encourage them to hold on. Instead, relax and "play possum" and they will quickly lose interest and let go.

"If they start to scratch or bite, say "ouch" very loudly and immediately stop play time. Now ignore your cat till they have calmed down. Interrupting play time will quickly teach them that biting or scratching stops playtime and only play with them when they are behaving and not getting aggressive towards you."


*** Congratulations to Robb Roach on his new Press column, "Island Fishing Report." It's written well and jam-packed with information.


Baker's Pharmacy now has available File of Life materials for distribution to the community.

Owner Tim Baker has offered to also assist his customers with filling in the information needed for the packet.

File of Life is a new program offered by the Jametown Emergency Medical Services and is designed to have all important medical information available to EMTs in the event of an emergency.

The packets are also available at the Jamestown library by appointment, 423-7281, and at the JEMS headquarters, 423-7276.

*** You made me love you.........


"All Creatures Great and Small," an exhibit of animal art, is now on display at the William Vareika Fine Arts, Ltd. in Newport.

Proceeds from a portion of the sales through the end of the exhibition on December 2 will benefit "Honoring Their Trust," the capital campaign for The Robert Potter League for Animals new care and education center.

The gallery is located at 212- 214 Bellevue Ave.

*** Be true!


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