2007-10-04 / Editorial

Better government with our new Town Hall?


Jamestown's new Town Hall on Narragansett Avenue officially opens for business today. The Town Hall has been a beehive of activity this week as construction crews complete the building project and the town's employees move into their new offices and get themselves organized.

We'd like to note the following about the new facility:

• The new Town Hall is attractive. Designed by island architect Bill Burgin, the Town Hall looks like it belongs in Jamestown. It should be the cornerstone of the "Jamestown Vision" project now underway.

• The new Town Council chambers ought to improve the weekly meetings for everyone involved. Council members will sit on a raised platform and will be more easily seen by those in attendance. In turn, the councilors will be able to better see the members of the audience - their constituents. Voices will be amplified, so everyone can hear what's said.

• Most of the town's offices will now be in one place. You'll recall that the town offices were previously split between Southwest Avenue, Narragansett Avenue and West Street. The new setup means there should be improved communications between the various town departments.

• The design of the new Town Hall will also give islanders better access to the various departments. No longer will folks go to the Town Hall only to learn that the person they need to see has an office at the Southwest Avenue location.

The new Town Hall is impressive - especially when you compare it to what we used to have. The new facility is a tool that, used properly, will make our town government more efficient and accessible to all. If you have't been inside the Town Hall, stop by soon for a tour.

- Jeff McDonough

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