2007-10-04 / Letters to the Editor

Plan should have energy component

Last Thursday's meeting had two to three times as many people as were expected, but it was a low attendance considering the town is asking us for our input. It was well run and covered a lot of areas of interest. The other noticeable part was that the vast majority of people attending were over 50. Where are the young people whose future town is being planned?

Everyone got an opportunity to express their views concerning the sidewalks, the lighting, the architecture, the parking issue, the ambience or lack of it in certain areas, affordable housing, venues for artists, expansion or no expansion, etc.

Even I never gave it a thought until someone brought it up, unfortunately at the end, that no mention was made of the most critical issue facing every American today: the environment. When asked why no mention was made of solar energy or wind power, we were told that those issues would be addressed in five years or so. It seems to me that the appearance and function of the town could be put on hold until the more pressing issue of energy and water is addressed or the energy issues could be added to the agenda.

It is requested that if energy is important to you, that you mark your calendar for Oct. 15-19 to attend the charette or meetings to review the plans.

There is no question that the time, energy and support requested of the residents by the town is wonderful. There is no doubt that the track is the right one, but may need a little tweaking in the area of energy.

Pem Attaway Decatur Avenue

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