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Walkin' Jim Stoltz is comin' to town

By Sam Bari

Walkin' Jim will visit Jamestown Oct. 12 - 13 Walkin' Jim will visit Jamestown Oct. 12 - 13 Singer, musician, environmentalist, photographer, composer and storyteller extraordinaire, Jim Stoltz, or Walkin' Jim as he is known to his fans, is coming to Jamestown. He'll be performing his multi-media show at the Melrose Avenue School on Oct. 12 for students, and will give a one-time public performance at the community center on Saturday, Oct. 13, at 7 p.m.

The Conanicut Island Land Trust is sponsoring the show and is offering the program free of charge to both students and the public. Land Trust President Quentin Anthony booked Walkin' Jim on a recommendation from Mary Webster, who felt the program presented an educational opportunity, inspiration to everyone to preserve the environment, and entertainment for all who attend.

Walkin' Jim came by his name quite honestly. He walked 27,000 miles of wilderness to gather material for his presentation. His experiences inspired the songs and stories that he wrote on the trail. He sings and tells his tales with a rich, clear voice, masterfully accompanied by his Taylor guitar.

Jim walked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine, the breadth of the country from coast to coast, and hiked from the Mexican border to Canada on his fascinating journey.

Jim said he has been touring with his folk style, show, "Forever Wild," since 1986. The show combines his live music and poetry with beautiful slides taken on his long wilderness treks, weaving and fading into each other in a powerful dance of images.

According to his Web site, www. walkinjim.com, "The combination of the incredible dual images, using two projectors and a dissolve unit, and his moving songs, results in a powerful, inspirational program. The merging of the media captures the magic and uniqueness of the wild country like no other presentation you've seen."

Walkin' Jim has endorsements from all over the country where he has performed.

In 1991, Walkin' Jim received the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Environmental Protection Agency. The award reads: "For Sharing Nature and Wilderness With Others Across America Through Your Extraordinary Words, Images, And Music."

Jim will give two different shows to the students at Melrose School that are specifically designed for children. They are titled "Wild Things Need Wild Places," and "The Web of Life." Both are informative, thought provoking, and entertaining.

His Web site says, "The kid's concerts can be performed in assembly type situations, but Jim prefers doing two or three shows in each school, rather than one large group. He wants to spend time with the students and loves doing classroom visits after the concerts to answer more questions and interact with the kids."

Besides trekking the wilderness and sustaining a busy concert schedule, Jim is also the founder of M.U.S.E., an acronym for Musicians United to Sustain the Environment. Information about this environmentally conscious advocacy can be found on their website at www.musemusic.org.

Jim said that M.U.S.E. is a rapidly growing non-profit environmental organization with two primary goals. They raise funds for effective grassroots environmental projects through CD sales, concerts, and public donations. Secondly, as they ply their musical craft, the musicians heighten environmental awareness, which is a vital step to help ensure the sustainable stewardship of our ecosystems.

He said that CDs of his music as well as the M.U.S.E. new release "Songs of the Earth," and other compilations from a wide variety of artists will be available at his performance at the community center.

Quentin Anthony and the Conanicut Island Land Trust encourage everyone to give Walkin' Jim Stoltz a warm Jamestown welcome by attending his concert at the community center on Oct. 13, at 7 p.m. Everyone should take advantage of this rare opportunity to give the environment much needed support and enjoy an evening of superb entertainment.

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