2007-10-04 / Upcoming Events

Help needed to clean up the shoreline

The organization Clean The Bay, which received a grant in the amount of $170,000 to remove large items of debris from the Rhode Island shoreline, is looking for individuals to help with the smaller items that line the beaches,

This fall, anyone interested in helping with environmental cleanup activities can contact Vanessa Venturini, volunteer coordinator at the Department of Environmental Management for the Clean The Bay effort, at 222-3434, ext. 4401.

In addition to volunteers to clean up, individuals are also needed, who own property along the shoreline, to give access to these volunteers to help clean this debris. They are also asked to call and identify any heavy material that is on their property along the shoreline that needs to be removed such as camel (heavy abandoned Navy fenders) docks that have washed ashore or pilings.

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