2007-10-11 / About Town

Amazon show at library tonight

The Friends of the Jamestown Library present "Amazon Adventure" with Chris Powell tonight, Oct. 11, at 7 p.m.

Join Chris Powell for an exciting trip on the motor yacht Tucano into the heart of Amazonas. From the capitol city, Manaus, travel more than two hundred miles up the Rio Negro into the Rio Branco. The trip will visit native people along the river and experience the Amazon's vast diversity of plants and animals.

Viewers will see a kapok tree over 50-feet in diameter and tarantula spiders the size of a hand; the colorful Bird of Paradise flowers and toucans; and howler monkeys with their eerie treetop howl. They will also see pink dolphins and go fishing for piranha. Returning down river is the "Marriage of the Waters," where the Amazon's milky white waters meet the Rio Negro's clear black waters. Finally, visit the port city of Manaus, where there will be a tour of the fish market and beautifully restored Teatro Amazonas Opera House.

Don't miss this exciting slide presentation and travelogue with Powell and company into the heart of the Amazon.

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