2007-10-11 / Letters to the Editor

Artists should take part in vision

The CIAA would appreciate your support of the artists and artisans who live, work, and sell their creations in residences and studios all over the island. A significant percentage of Jamestown's households include at least one artist or craftsperson who contributes to a family income.

Hopefully, public input to the planning process will recognize this large constituency as a valuable - and green - contributor to Jamestown's economy, and to the enjoyment of life in our small town.

Public art is important to the downtown district, adding the fun of participatory activities, the enjoyment of galleries, and the quality of visual interest, while also enhancing tourism. A future art center could be an exciting addition. Private art studios and workshops, which are home businesses, are critical to our local economy and should be recognized as such.

Please support these public and private initiatives when you add your comments to the on-line surveys, attend the "charrette" meetings, or otherwise participate in the ongoing planning activities.

Karen Twiss Krider

President, CIAA

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