2007-10-18 / Letters to the Editor

Growing up on 'the rock'

I would like to take this opportunity to respond to Rebekah Rosen-Gomez's letter to the editor in last week's Press regarding her perception of Jamestown as a "difficult place to raise a family." I, in no way, can relate to having children and planning their extra-curricular activities, but I can say, first hand, Jamestown was an amazing place to grow up. Too often do I read these articles about people complaining about Jamestown.

Fifteen years ago, I wrote an ever-so-demanding letter to the Press about how I would really like it if our street could possibly be paved, so I could use my new rollerblades with my friends. That was my biggest concern in my 23 years in Jamestown; I did not want rocks to get stuck in my wheels on Davit Avenue! Whatever happened to making forts and riding your bike all over the island, coming back when it was dark? Jamestown is a place where you create your own activities and family traditions. I understand having an outlined schedule of activities is probably helpful for busy families, but on the contrary, that is what being part of a family is all about. The best part about Jamestown is not necessarily the amount of activities that are offered, it is everyone that is a part of them. Yes the baseball fields are horrendous, and the school gym is old and dusty, but the relationships that you make with everyone while playing at the old and grungy places are what really matter.

Noel O'Dwyer coached U-12 girls soccer in that dusty gym; 25 percent of us ended up getting scholarships to college for soccer, and all of us are all still best friends to this day. I do not think a nicer gym could have created a better situation.

Mary Wright directed many plays at the rec center, and still to this day is making a huge impact on children in Jamestown. We still continued to perform beautifully even if we only had a 10-by-10- foot backstage area to change and prepare for the next scene.

Lack of appreciation is what I really think is the problem in Jamestown. Appreciate the fact that your kids can go outside without you worrying about them. Appreciate that the children can ride their bikes around the North End, and can sit at House of Pizza with Freddy, eating pizza, by themselves. I know I am not delving into many of the issues that do presently exist in Jamestown, but I really hope I exemplified my appreciation for "The Rock," and everyone that created it for me, not specifically every thing. I have my highest hopes that the current Jamestown kids have the opportunity to appreciate what they have.

Rachel Andreozzi Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

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