2007-10-18 / Letters to the Editor

Legislators were great teachers

The Honorable Teresa Paiva- Weed and Honorable Bruce Long put partisanship aside to give students a civics lesson. Using humor and patience, these representatives taught eighth grade students at the Lawn Avenue School in Jamestown how government fulfills its responsibilities to meet the needs of the people and how citizens can become involved in government. By taking students through the steps of policy making, students gained an understanding of the procedures that need to be followed to make a bill into law and the political powers that influence the making of laws. Using the new "Peanut Law," they also modeled the responsibility placed on public officials to collaborate to create public policy that balanced resolving a problem without creating other problems. Yet, the most valuable lesson came not in what they said, but what they did, for by speaking together, they demonstrated how great things can be accomplished when people collaborate.

Maureen McGuirl

History Teacher Jamestown School

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