2007-10-18 / News

Oct. 23 decisive day for harbor commission

By Sam Bari

The Harbor Management Commission and town authorities will attempt to resolve the harbormaster's boat damages issue as well as the Harbor Management Ordinance and Plan on Oct. 23. Chairman Mike de Angeli made the announcement at the regular monthly meeting of the commission last Wednesday.

On Oct. 23, at 1 p.m., representatives of Ribcraft of Marblehead, Mass., will meet with Chairman de Angeli, Professor Otto Gregory of URI, Town Administrator Bruce Keiser, and Police Chief Thomas Tighe in the police station conference room to discuss the damages to the harbormaster's boat that were possibly caused by galvanic corrosion. Ribcraft is the manufacturer of the harbormaster's boat. Professor Gregory is a chemical engineer who has been contracted by the town to investigate the damage to the boat and find the cause of the corrosion.

At 5:30 p.m., at the same location, the Harbor Management Plan and Ordinance sub-committee is scheduled to meet with Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC) Marine Resources Specialist Kevin Cute to discuss the Harbor Management Ordinance (HMO) and the Harbor Management Plan (HMP). Cute was invited to the meeting to clearly define the latest CRMC rules regarding mooring fields, and to explain to the commissioners the exact requirements to put the HMO and HMP in compliance with CRMC regulations. Cute, however, has not yet confirmed that he will attend, although the meeting was organized at his request in an email to de Angeli on Oct. 2.

De Angeli had sent an e-mail to Cute on Sept. 17 requesting clarity on the issue of changing the CRMC guidelines concerning counting riparian moorings to determine whether a mooring field exists. The present guidelines say that riparian moorings are not counted.

The issue was raised at the September meeting of the commission in an application from John Sahagian, who is seeking a mooring permit at Mackerel Cove. De Angeli sent the email, but Cute did not answer the request in his reply on Oct. 2. He avoided the question by saying, "I am happy to meet with the harbor commission at the earliest possible convenience to discuss all of these issues." De Angeli has asked for clarity on the ruling three times and has never received a definitive answer from the CRMC. Consequently, a decision cannot be made to resolve Sahagian's application, nor can the Harbor Management Plan be completed.

Although the commission has made the effort to complete the HMO and HMP, they cannot make a recommendation to the town council until the CRMC gives them definitive guidelines. The situation is frustrating for everyone concerned, de Angeli said.

In other business. Harbormaster Sam Paterson reported that the pumpouts would be shut down the last day of October. He also asked the commission what they plan to do with the tackle from forfeited moorings. De Angeli said that mooring holders are responsible for removing tackle and if they don't remove it, the town has the right to remove the tackle and send the mooring holder the bill.

Andrew Kallfelz, chairman of the technology committee, reported that the database would soon be up and running followed by the harbor commission website.

In new business, a request for a mooring permit transfer from Daniel J. Vieira to his brother, Anthony Vieira, was approved by the commissioners with a 4-0 vote.

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