2007-10-25 / Editorial



Jamestown was well represented in the audience Tuesday evening at the Rhode Island premier of Disney's new movie, "Dan in Real Life," at the Providence Performing Arts Center.

It was fun seeing the Hollywood magic transform our island on the big screen. Plenty of scenes were shot at East Ferry. The Conanicut Marina office became a book store. The movie makers built a ferry waiting room on the site of the old Jamestown ferry ramp. The Newport Bridge was in the background of several scenes.

There were also a number of scenes of other spots around the island, including aerials of the Jamestown Bridge and Great Creek.

The film crew spent six weeks in Jamestown last fall shooting the movie. They obviously liked filming here. The people of Jamestown received a thank you credit at the end of the film.

"Dan in Real Life" opens at movie theaters tomorrow. Don't miss it.

* * *

Global warming comes to mind when one considers the weather this fall. Shirt sleeves and shorts in late October make it seem more like summer than fall.

Temperatures are expected to become more seasonal as we head into the weekend. However, it does make one wonder if we will have a warmer than usual winter.

The recent rain was most welcome. We could use some more.

* * *

Where do we go from here?

By all accounts the Jamestown Vision charrette held last week was a worthwhile endeavor. The process helped the community take a good look at the future of the village.

Kudos to Town Planner Lisa Bryer for organizing the project. It was obvious that quite a bit of time was spent preparing for the project.

The hard part now comes as the town figures out what to do with the information gleaned from the project. Do we revamp our zoning code? Should the town utilize the form-based code that was discussed last week?

Going forward will be the true test of the project's success. There will be much work ahead for the Town Council and the Planning Commission. Those who participated in the charrette should stay involved as the town moves onto the next step.

The Press will keep you informed.

* * *

Don't be a couch potato! Get your Halloween costume ready early and participate in the annual Jamestown Jack-O-Lantern Jog this Sunday, Oct. 28.

Registration and check-in gets underway at 11:30 a.m. at the recreation center. The 5k race starts at 1 p.m. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Jamestown Teen Center.

Runners and walkers are welcome. Prizes will be awarded for the best costumes, so be creative!

* * *

The spooks, goblins and monsters will again be roaming the island streets on the evening of Wednesday, Oct. 31. You can help the young trickor treaters by making sure the walkways to your home are free from clutter and are well-lighted.

We also remind you to be extra careful when driving. Let's keep the evening fun and safe.

- Jeff McDonough

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