2007-10-25 / Letters to the Editor

Jamestown Vision project a success

I would like to thank the residents who participated in and supported the Jamestown Vision that has been a public ongoing process since early September. Jamestown Vision was about community participation and making a conscious decision on how we want the Village to develop in the future. Because, whether we like it or not, vacant lots remain and expansions will occur, both in the commercial and residential districts. It is a community's responsibility to be involved in where, when and how development occurs. Involvement, or public participation, can occur in many ways. The Jamestown Vision process involved a website and on-line survey, a public, interactive visioning workshop, and stakeholder meetings to discuss specific issues. It was a very intensive process where hundreds of residents were participants. Your input made the process a tremendous success and the end product will be more valid because of your involvement.

There is always a risk when you thank people that you will forget someone, but the involvement of certain individuals deserves special recognition. Thank you to Recreation Director Bill Piva and Parks Supervisor Ron Parfitt, with the help of Andrew Rushton, for preparing the recreation center for three separate evening events. Thank you to the fire department for the use of their tables for the week and the Public Works Department for moving them and many other things last week. Thank you Cyndee Reppe for handling all the details. Thank you to the Village Hearth Bakers, Slice of Heaven and Ron DiMauro for keeping the team fed and Trattoria Simpatico for the post charrette cheese platters. Thank you to the Jamestown Press for keeping the public informed in such an efficient and positive way. A special thank you to Tom Todd, for providing experience and vision to the process. Finally, thank you to everyone for allowing the team to take over the Council Chambers for the week. The space functioned magnificently. What a great way to initiate the Town Hall.

Lisa Bryer Town Planner

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