2007-10-25 / Letters to the Editor

Local services often aid visitors

This time of year it is not unusual to reflect on the success of our peak season, which brings millions of visitors to Newport County. Many in the hospitality industry seek to identify what influences, both positive and negative, have impacted the summer travel season. Those conversations often range from the trends in weather to the contribution of major events. There is one very important aspect often left unrecognized to which I would like to draw your attention. I am referring to the numerous contributions made by many local service professionals who helped and assisted our distressed travelers.

None of us plan needing emergency services when we travel, but a significant number of travelers unfortunately do experience a wide range of challenges when they are away from home. Be it a lost purse, a car accident, a jellyfish sting, or a medical condition, hundreds of travelers are aided by our Newport County service providers every summer.

A perfect example of the professionalism of our emergency personnel was highlighted in a letter from a couple this summer, who unfortunately experienced a car accident while they were visiting. Tom Ruprecht, and his wife Signe Larson, of Cape Coral, Fla. were impressed by the care and professionalism of the firemen, police officers and emergency squad people, as well as all the emergency room staff. While this particular event made the newspaper, these professionals perform these tasks daily.

As a frequent traveler and someone who has known his share of problems while traveling, I can attest to the great comfort it gives someone to know that there are qualified professionals to help when you need it most.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the numerous men and women who represent the many public services throughout Newport County, including police departments, fire departments, Coast Guard, rescue wagons, harbormasters, local hospitals, emergency personnel and other professionals who offered their services to assist the traveling public this summer season. Your professionalism and outstanding service is very much appreciated.

Evan Smith Newport County Convention

& Visitors Bureau

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