2007-10-25 / Letters to the Editor

More than just a hardware store

I would like to say that without our Jamestown Hardware where would we be? I am constantly begging for their help and bringing in all manner of stuff for them to help me with. Just a few weeks ago one of my many weed-wackers bit the dust and after four consecutive visits in about two hours time, they just handed me over a new one, with a smile. I know they'd all love it if I didn't show up constantly with the most ridiculous sets of problems, but I do. This is one of the reasons moving here was one of my best decisions. I love just popping down the street for what I need. If they don't have it, they can usually find it. Once, I dropped off a broken storm window and let it stay there all summer (like camp) and got around to retrieving it some time around November/December. Who else would take care of us like that and be open at all hours, and bring your screen door all repaired back to your house, and give Phoebe love and cookies. So here's to Jamestown Hardware! May we always have them.

Thanks for being my guardians.

Isabel Coyle


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