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Democrats win four Town Council seats

Democrats win four Town Council seats

The Democrats retained control of the Jamestown Town Council in Tuesday's election by winning four of the five seats.

Former Town Administrator Robert W. Suttton Jr. , a Democrat, was the top vote getter on the Town Council. If tradition holds, Sutton will become the new council president. The honor typically goes to the individual with the highest number of votes in the majority party.

Also elected to the council were Democrats Julio J. DiGiando, William A. Kelly, and Michael G. White.

Republican Barbara A. Szepatowski, a Republican, claimed the fifth council seat.

Democrats Julie A. Kallfelz and Bruce J. Whitehouse won the two open seats on the Jamestown School Committee.

James A. Donnelly, a Democrat, was unopposed in his bid for re-election as Town Moderator.

Election officials said 1,694 out of 4,506 registered voters cast their ballots at the polls on Tuesday.

Following is a summary of the election results:

Town Council

  1. Robert W. Sutton, Democrat -- 1,032
  2. Julio J. DiGiando, Democrat -- 1,014
  3. William A. Kelly, Democrat -- 932
  4. Michael G. White, Democrat -- 865
  5. Barbara A. Szepatowski, Republican -- 802
  6. Michael F. Schnack, Democrat -- 774
  7. Ellen Winsor, Independent -- 654
  8. Sav Rebecchi, Independent -- 580
  9. Frederich W. Glomb, Republican -- 510
  10. David J. DeAngelis, Republican -- 481

School Committee

  1. Julie A. Kallfelz, Democrat -- 1,173
  2. Bruce J. Whitehouse, Democrat -- 1,086
  3. Melissa W. Burrows, Republican -- 607

Town Moderator

  1. James A. Donnelly, Democrat 1,173


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