2007-11-01 / Letters to the Editor

Events are part of a community

I am not sure I understand.

The Rotary has developed a race that is growing in popularity, that brings people to the island, that might help Jamestown's overall appeal to another demographic of people, that promotes fitness, and you want to shut it down because you can't get out of your driveway? Well, I may have been off "the Rock" for a few years, but for the sake of argument let us expand on your point and eradicate a few other island events that meet the criteria you mentioned about the bike race.

Fools Rules Regatta - We must end this siege on East Ferry. For years I was not able to launch my boat from the ramp and it was a 15-minute wait to get a hot dog from Freddy's stand. Exactly how many experts in the field of Popsicle sticks are on hand?

Penguin Plunge - How dare these people take over Mackerel Cove in the dead of winter, I should be able to stroll the beach without all those people in tuxedos.

Little League, Soccer, and Softball - Ever been to the athletic fields while a game is going on? All those kids running around, people parking on the side of the road, and I can't practice my four iron shots from the outfield.

Parades - Got to get rid of them, too, because one or two days a year you may have to walk down Narragansett Avenue.

Tall Ships - You want to talk about traffic...why are we still looking at these old boats...Hey, look, last time it was a hundred years old this time it was one hundred and seven years old...ooh.

Instead of complaining about an event, become a part of it. Set up a lemonade stand, hand water to the cyclists, heck buy a bike and start training. As someone who grew up on the island, I have taken part in all of the above and it is these types of events, the memories they created, the friendships formed that cause me to write to the Press after living in Louisville for fifteen years.

Jamestown is a community, a community has events, why would you want to change that?

Chris Smyth Louisville, Kentucky

via 36 Windsor St.

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