2007-11-01 / News

Clancy special use permit denied

By Sam Bari

Zoning Board Chairman Thomas Ginnerty made a motion to deny the request of David M. and Jennifer R. Clancy to reconsider a special use permit to sell home craft products manufactured on the premises of their studio at 382 North Main Rd. The motion, made at the Oct. 23 meeting of the Zoning Board of Review, was not seconded.

A motion was then made by board member Richard Boren and seconded by board member Joseph Logan to grant the application. The board debated the issue at length before voting.

The request was denied with a vote of 3-2. A vote of 4-1 is necessary for zoning board approval. Ginnerty and board member David Nardolillo voted to deny the request. Ginnerty said the board had reached an impasse.

In other business, a motion was made by Ginnerty and seconded by Boren to grant the request of Joseph and Furhana DiBiase for a one-year extension of a special use permit granted on Nov. 28, 2006. The motion carried by a unanimous vote of 5-0.

A motion was made by Nardolillo and seconded by Ginnerty to grant the request of Peter Johnstone, whose property is located at 40 Clarke St. for a variance to construct a front porch 6.3-feet from the front property line, where 15-feet is required, and to exceed the allowable lot coverage by 217 square feet.

The board determined that the application satisfied the requirements for approval and voted to grant the request with a unanimous vote of 5-0.

A request by Patricia Ouimette to construct a three bedroom, single-family home at 783 North Main Rd., was unanimously denied by the board with a vote of 5-0.

The board voted unanimously to grant the request of Christina Moorehead to construct a room in an existing garage for use as an alterations boutique and to install a sign for said business. The property is located at 7 Watson Ave.

The application by Allan and Nancy Randall and the Martha Harris request were granted continuances until the November meeting of the board.

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