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Top Fall fashion trends... according to real people

Every year the experts tell us what's hot in fall fashion. Unfortunately many of these items may look great on the supermodels on TV, but not so great on your own hips or thighs.

Real people have real clothing needs!

With this in mind, here are some top fall fashion trends from the users of StyleFeeder, a new Web site where regular people can share fashion recommendations and links to Web sites with great fashion deals:

• Volume will continue. Summer's voluminous tops and dresses will flow into autumn with tunics that pair well with patterned tights and ankle boots.

• Skinny jeans will stay. Lean and curvy ladies can keep their skinny jeans. Wear them tucked into boots with a sweater, or with flats and a boxy retro jacket.

• Grey is the new neutral. Flowing grey tops pair with shoes and handbags in this classy, muted shade.

• Tartan is back! Elevate plaid with feminine details like a big bow or French cuffs. For a bolder boarding school chic, try a prepschool iron-on badge.

• Military-inspired trenches. The "it" coat for fall, try a trench with military-inspired details, like brass buttons or a low-slung belt.

• Riding boots. Equestrian-inspired footwear is making a resurgence with tall boots in rich brown and black leather.

• Ballet flats stick around. Try a slight wedge heel or ankle strap to ensure you still look cutting-edge.

• Pops of blue and purple. Look for anything royal, lapis, blueberry, or mauve.

• V-neck sweater vests. This staple goes with a plain oxford, but also works over blouses with tulip or bell sleeves.

• Patent leather performs. Sass up your shoes with this provocative fabric, cinch a flowing top with a shiny belt, or sling on a bag with patent accents. But just one patent leather item at a time, please.

For more tips from fashionistas on the lookout for the best designs and deals on the Web, and to find styles personalized for you, visit www.stylefeeder.com.

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