2007-11-01 / Upcoming Events

Special education open house set

An Open House Night for parents of special education students in the Melrose and Lawn Schools will be hosted by the Jamestown Special Education Local Advisory Committee (SELAC) on Tuesday evening, Nov. 13, at 6:30 p.m. in Melrose school library.

Dr. Robert Fricklas, Director of Student Services/Special Ed, therapists in the areas of speech, occupational therapy, physical education, and other special education staff will make presentations at the open house.

The open house will provide a unique opportunity for parents, especially those new to special education programs, to see a demonstration of the various therapy techniques and exercises that are conducted with students to improve their learning challenges. The evening will also include opportunity for parents to have oneon one discussions with therapists and special education administrative staff.

"Therapists play such a critical role in the special ed program and this is a unique forum where parents can really get a close-up snapshot of what they do and why," said Donna Perry, SELAC member and moderator of the open house.

"We urge any and all parents of students who fall anywhere in the wide spectrum of learning challenges to attend and get to know the Special Ed personnel who are working so hard for your children," Perry added. For more information, contact Perry at 423- 0450 or donnaperry@cox.net, or Alexandra Nickol at fournickols@ msn.com.

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