2007-11-15 / Upcoming Events

Help the JHS with fund-raising

The Jamestown Historical Society is still about $90,000 short of their goal of raising $500,000 and needs the help of islanders to achieve this amount.

Later this month, the Jamestown Press will contain a special insert from the JHS Capital Campaign Committee - an oversized, 5- by 7-inch envelope with a request to each person reading the Press to help us.

If you send a donation of $25 to the JHS Capital Campaign - $10 if you are under 16 - you are also invited to become a part of Jamestown's history by writing a "Message to the Future." A blank "Message to the Future" card will be inside each envelope. If you want, you can fill in the card and send it back with your gift - or if you have already contributed, just send the card. You may say anything you want on your card. You may draw a picture or write a poem. You may tell a story - fact or fiction. You may record what you think the future will be like. Or write anything else you want to say to people 50 years from now.

The JHS is the official keeper of the island's long and interesting history. Send donations to JHS, P.O. Box 156, Jamestown, RI 02835.

Seniors eligible

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