2007-11-21 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

We open this week's column with a very special message we have been asked to convey to an island sixth grader. The request came from her mother via e-mail and reads: "I am not impressed by a lot, yet my daughter continues to amaze me. As a parent, sometimes I forget that she likes to hear that I think she's great! For example, this year she has been working at odd jobs for family and friends and mother's helper to earn enough bucks for an ipod.

"I commend her on her diligence and patience working for what she wants. Her grades have been terrific, her music playing (clarinet and violin) wonderful, and her attitude ,awesome. And, she carved a path across her bedroom floor so I can kiss her goodnight.

"The final accomplishment is that last week her Peace Poster Project was recognized as one of the sixth grade's best.

"I think she deserves the ipod, so dear Walrus will you tell her to open up the gift box on her desk. Thanks much, Ellissa's mom (Amy Barclay) and Aunty Phyllis."

Done!! Have fun, Ellissa.


Kudos to Jamestowners Natalie Salk, Gabriel Salk and Michael Brendlinger who won the Great Oaks 2007 high school regatta at the Southern Yacht Club in New Orleans with five first-place finishes.

Rabbits make good pets says Dr. Hatch. Rabbits make good pets says Dr. Hatch. Sailing 420s on Lake Pontchartrain and representing Providence Country Day School, they also won the Babs and Larry White Trophy for outstanding performance for a first-time team.


A new arrival on the island is Kukla, a 4-month-old black female kitten with white "mittens" adopted from the Potter League for Animals by Nancy Cloud.

Kukla was brought into the home to help console 12-year-old Ollie, a "sad" brown lab whose friend Oboe passed away in September.

Nancy said the kitten has been with them for a month and Kukla and Ollie are already "good pals." In case you haven't guessed already the kitten got her name from that great TV show, Kukla, Fran & Ollie. Substitute the Fran with Nan and it's a whole new trio.



All the state's problems are the fault of Rhode Island voters. They keep sending the same pols back to the statehouse to continue with their grubby ways.

*** Tired of Christmas yet?


Four members of the Jamestown Community Band, tubists Jeff Hunter and Fred Pease and euphonium players Lorne Palmer and Martin Hellewell will play in the annual Tubaphonia Christmas Concert Saturday, Dec. 8, at 7:30 p.m. in the North Kingstown High School auditorium.

The free concert features musicians of all ages, middle school to senior citizens from the tri-state area playing an amazing array of low, conical brass horns including baritones and euphoniums (even a double-bell), ophecleids, cimbassos, helicons, sousaphones, and, of course, tubas of all sizes.

Martin promises that "the spirited performance will appeal to all ages with its robust sound and familiar melodies." Questions? Call 295-1607 or 423-1285.


We know where some of your neighbors will be tomorrow.

Harry Curfman will be with his daughter on Reservoir Circle; Matt Clarke is hosting some 15 family members; Skip Walls will be with his sister in Bristol; Cathryn Jamison said she's "table jumping;" her sister, Johnna is home with friends; Ilesh Patel will also be with friends; Andrea von Hohenleiten has her whole family coming in; Suzanne Cooke will be with mom and dad on Beavertail; Marlene Murphy, "Mom's house;" Don Haskell, "at home with all the kids;" and Sean MaGee will be in Connecticut at his mother's house.


Read what Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic has to say about that other pet, the rabbit, in his Pet Tip of the Week.

"In addition to cats and dogs, we see plenty of other small animals as pets. Rabbits are one of the more popular ones because they have great personalities, are very quiet, and can be easily litter trained.

"Rabbits tend to pick a specific corner of their cage to use as a bathroom and if you put a shallow or triangular litter pan in that spot and place some of the rabbit droppings in the litter box they will start using it readily.

"The most common problem seen with house rabbits involves obesity because they are fed too many pellets and not enough timothy hay. Most rabbits should eat almost exclusively good quality hay with only a little supplement from pellets and the occasional vegetable. Overweight rabbits are more prone to intestinal issues and keeping them in good shape with plenty of exercise will minimize stomach problems in the long run.

"Visit The House Rabbit Society website at www.rabbit.org for some great tips on rabbit ownership."


It's that time of year when some Jamestown pets are in need of new families with which to share the festive holidays.

Barbara Szepatowski says that even though Paws and Claws is closed she still receives two to three phone calls each week from people looking to place their pets in new homes.

"Sometimes it's a death in the family, sometimes a divorce, but most often it's just the realization their lives are too busy to include a pet. To keep the Paws and Claws adoption program going until a real shelter is built on Jamestown, we have a number of islanders who adopt the animals as 'foster pets' from relinquishing families."

The ad in this week's Press lists three guinea pigs, three gerbils and four rats, all who come with their own cages; six cats, three kittens and three dogs.

If you want to brighten your holidays with a warm, friendly critter sharing your home, call Paws and Claws at 423-9677.


Eleven-year-old Evin Barrett is in possession of a little treasure. And, if you ask to see it, he'll probably show it to you. The Jamestown School sixth grader caught a foul ball at Fenway during a game between the Sox and Baltimore in September.

He was wearing a borrowed catcher's mitt when the ball came his way. He often played that position last summer in the Rec Department's baseball league.

Great catch, Evin.

*** Cathryn Jamison celebrated her birthday Sunday. Hugs please.


The Jamestown School on Melrose Avenue reeked of the great smell of garlic last week when the kindergarten harvested its garlic patch in the class's garden.

Everyone went home with food cravings.


Boy Scout Troop 1 got the jump on the rest of us last weekend and cooked its own turkey dinners at Cub World at the Feinstein Youth Camp in Pascoag. Members of Cub Scout Pack accompanied the older scouts on the campout.

The turkeys were cooked outof doors and each patrol prepared a side dish.

Scoutmaster Dave Volpe said that prior to the feast on Saturday night the scouts launched rockets, participated in a compass hike and explored the area.

Other adults attending with the troop were Jim Archibald, Harry Chase, John Keavy and Diane Archibald.


Does your mother know you're out..........


The Jamestown Community Chorus will lead the singing of Christmas carols at the Jamestown Christmas Tree Lighting Saturday, Dec. 1, at East Ferry.

The choristers, under the direction of Bruce J. Whitehouse, are in extra fine voice after months of rehearsals for their Christmas concerts, entitled "Holiday Medley" to be presented Saturday, Dec. 8, and Sunday, Dec. 9, at the Central Baptist Church.


A winter book sale will be conducted at the Jamestown Library Friday, Dec.7 through the weekend during regular library hours.

Head Librarian Judith H. Bell suggests considering the books as stocking stuffers or as packaging for that check to the teenager who just might read the book.

Prices are $3 for hardcovers and $1 for paperbacks and children's books. There are special priced books available including a table of Jamestown and Rhode Island history volumes.


Captain Robb Roach takes his kids, Ben and Ethan, along with friends, John and Tom, for a fastpaced fluke fishing trip on Saturday morning's edition of "Kettlebottom Outdoor Pursits" on Cox 3 at 10:30 a.m.

Once home, Robb prepares an easy, delicious fluke recipe that you'll want to stick on your refrigerator door. Later, Buck Shope gives dog tips on training your retriever to be more attentive to your commands.

The program is produced by Robb Roach's Kettlebottom Outfitters.


Saturday's full moon is the Frosty or Beaver Moon.

Give thanks with your families tomorrow.

*** Be true!


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