2007-11-21 / Letters to the Editor

People filled many bowls

The Empty Bowls committee would like to thank the community for our third successful year. In total, $6,000 was raised for local food banks. They all report this year as even more needy as last, so this was a welcome surprise, especially for North Kingstown's pantry. We would especially like to thank for their help: Ms. Barry and Ms. Harrington, art teachers at the North Kingstown high school, and their advisory group, for making bowls and helping out at the dinner; the Girl Scouts, for making and serving desserts, the military families for making desserts, and Cornelia Hodosh and family, for making 500 cookies! We also want to thank Fred at the House of Pizza and Andrea and Dorianna at the Village Hearth for all the bread. Thanks to the school for allowing us to use the cafegymatorium again! Thanks to all the napkin makers, especially the library ladies and Sherry. Thanks to the Just Around Trio for the fabulous jazz! Thanks to Tyler Page for the beautiful T-shirts (they are still available, just ask). Thanks to Ann Deffley and crew for the delicious soups. Thanks to the all the professional potters and artists who donated so much. Thanks to those dozens who helped in many ways on the night of the event. And thank you to the after school classes and children who made most of the bowls and provided their enthusiasm when we were on bowl number 499.

Julia Montminy, Liz Perez, Trish Van Cleef Empty Bowls coordinators

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