2007-11-29 / Letters to the Editor

Help out with JHS campaign

For just about a year, the Jamestown Historical Society has been working on a Capital Campaign to raise money to winterize and improve the museum, build a vault in the basement of the new Town Hall, and add substantially to its endowment. We are close to success, and need the people of Jamestown to put us over the top, not only in money, but also in making history.

This winter, when we have finished the construction, added up the last of the contributions, hung the plaque of major donors, and printed a brochure commemorating the campaign, we will seal and bury a metal box under the floor of the museum. In the box will be the brochure, and (we hope) hundreds of Memory Cards filled out by children and adults with their pictures and thoughts about their lives in Jamestown. Set in the floor above the box will be a bronze sign stating that the box had been placed there in 2008, and was to be opened on the 400th anniversary of the town in 2057. We believe that the opening of the box will be an exciting prospect for the residents of Jamestown for fifty years, and that those who are alive then will be enriched by reading the messages we are sending them.

If you have donated to the campaign, you are entitled to fill out a card. If not, we are hoping you will make a $25 donation and then write a card, which will help us to reach our campaign goal of $500,000. The cards are in this week's Press, and we look forward to sending them to the future.

Anne Livingston,

John Murphy, Campaign co-chairs

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