2007-11-29 / Letters to the Editor

RI breaks recycling records

Proving once again that they care deeply about the environment, Rhode Islanders turned out by the thousands on RI Recycles Day on Nov. 17 to recycle their TVs, computers, hazardous waste, and to shred their personal documents. Approximately 4,000 cars trekked to the Central Landfill in Johnston, about twice as many as had been anticipated, causing unwanted delays. We at RI Resource Recovery Corporation apologize to our customers for the longer-than-normal waits, and we are very thankful for their patience and good humor. Most people waited out the line, and we applaud them for doing so. It's proof positive that Rhode Islanders love recycling and will participate in free collections like ours to ensure that the state remains clean, safe and eco-friendly.

Despite the fact that RIRRC hosts computer and Eco-Depot collections twice a month, the corporation collected record amounts of special wastes on RI Recycles Day. We collected 70,000 pounds of hazardous waste, two and a half times what Eco-Depot normally receives. A good computer collection gathers approximately 8,000 pounds and on Nov. 17 residents recycled six times that amount, about 48,000 pounds. Even though the shredding operations were temporarily suspended for two hours, residents were still able to shred over 10,000 pounds of their sensitive documents.

Clearly, Rhode Islanders want to participate in the free recycling activities we host, and RIRRC plans to offer more opportunities for residents to properly dispose special materials. Consumer participation in recycling benefits the state as a whole because it allows us to have greater disposal options, contributes to the recycling economy, and protects our greatest asset - our environment.

Michael Oconnell,


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