2007-12-06 / Letters to the Editor

Still willing to contribute

A clarification needs to be made regarding the report in last week's Press about my resignation from the Quonset Development Board.

On Oct. 31, I received a letter from the Town Clerk's office acknowledging that my three-year term on the QDC Board would be expiring Dec. 21, 2007.

I was instructed to respond as to my interest in a reappointment for another three-year term or to submit a formal letter of resignation by Nov. 21.

Because I was not able to make a firm commitment to the QDC meeting schedule by the deadline given, I decided that it would be only fair to submit my resignation as requested.

To some readers, the report gave the impression that I was quitting one month prior to finishing my term, when actually I expect to serve until replaced, which is in keeping with the oath of office sworn to the Town Clerk when accepting the position.

Since the QDC 2008 meeting schedule has been finalized, I am now able to make a commitment to serve another term if appointed and have submitted an application for reappointment to the Council.

There are no sour grapes regarding my desire to serve my community. I will be honored to contribute whenever and whereever needed.

Sav Rebecchi


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