2007-12-06 / Letters to the Editor

Name chambers for Rosamond Tefft

This letter was sent to the Jamestown Town Council and copied to the Jamestown Press.

I, John Doty, Jr., who has lived at 17 Union St. my entire life, would like to propose that the new town council chamber from the old town hall, located within the new town hall building, be named: the Rosamond A. Tefft Council Chamber.

Rosamond A. Tefft served as town clerk here in Jamestown from 1954 to 1979. Her job at that time was an elected position. She ran every two years along with the council candidates.

Accompanying this letter is a political ad illustrating Tefft's run for office in 1959. As a point of interest, part of Rosamonds's job was to plot our graves when someone passed away and was to be buried in Cedar Cemetery.

In 1913, Rosamond was born in Jamestown at the Tefft farm, and in 1994, she died and was buried in Cedar Cemetery.

We hope that the Jamestown Council will choose to memorialize Rosamond Tefft in this manner, not only for me, but for everyone who met this wonderful woman and still fondly embraces her memory.

Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.

John Doty, Jr.


Editor's note: This item is on the agenda for the Dec. 10 Town Council meeting.

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