2007-12-06 / Letters to the Editor

Vandals ruin light display

Has anyone wondered why the outside lights are out at 89 High St?

Well, you can thank the brats that broke and threw the things all over the front lawn and broke into our cars.

I hope they can look their little brothers and sisters in the eye and tell them that the house that always puts up things for all holidays, won't put them up because someone broke them. They will not see them.

It is Wednesday, Nov. 28 and I don't know if I will put the lights back on, but I do know that someone has to step up and let the kids know that what they are doing is not just kid's pranks. They can be put in jail and some day they might understand what they did is wrong.

To everyone who enjoys the lights, I'm sorry but I am very hurt right now and can't see past the rage, but maybe someone will make me feel that there is still some good out there and I need to turn back on the lights.

Kathy Graham

89 High Street

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