2007-12-13 / News

Seventh graders anchor Lawn basketball team

By Stephanie H. Cotsonas

The Lawn Avenue School boys' basketball team suffered a loss to Barrington Middle School last week, but that is no indication of how the rest of the season will go for this team, according to coach Eric Bush.

Considering that the majority of his players are seventh-graders, Bush is confident that his team will only improve as the season goes on.

"We are young. We only have five eighth-graders and the rest are seventh-graders," said Bush. The seventh graders, including Owen Heath and James Chamberlain, were the leading scorers in the game.

The Wolves started out in a 5- 0 hole, but after the first basket by Heath and two free throws by Chamberlain they started gaining momentum. Christian Ellerbee pulled in some solid rebounds and with less than a minute left in the first half, Anthony Will made an unexpected basket and Jacob Morris made a free throw to close the half.

Only 10 seconds into the second half, a basket by Heath and then another by Morris pulled the Wolves to within one point.

The Jamestown defense helped to make up some lost ground and Kevin McDermott continued to hustle, but Barrington put the pressure on and went on a 13-point run to end the third quarter.

The crowd did not lose their enthusiasm and after a free throw by Chamberlain, Matt Rafanelli ended the game with the final basket for Jamestown as the bleachers erupted. Barrington took the game with a fi- nal score of 48-21.

When asked how his team played, Bush said, "Not bad. We played a good first half then I think we just ran out of gas. They played well in stretches like they did last week, but they are young, they're learning."

Jamestown lost to Kickemuit Middle School in their season opener on Nov. 29. "Kickemuit was the same thing. They were big - they were primarily eighth graders," Bush said.

Barrington is an East Bay powerhouse with more experienced eighthgraders. "Barrington is usually one of the top teams, they execute really well, and they have a good coach." Bush said.

Last season, maturity was on Jamestown's side. Out of the 16 players, eight were eighth-graders who had played the previous year. This year, youth will be the key to the team's success.

After only the second game in his eighth season as coach, Bush is looking forward to the rest of the season. "We have James, Owen and Kevin who are seventh-graders. The rest of the year looks promising," he said.

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