2007-12-20 / Editorial


Hey, big guy. It seems like just yesterday - not a year ago - that you made your Christmas Eve visit to Jamestown. Time sure flies. I must be getting old.

We have good things to report from our island home. The new award-winning Town Hall has opened for business. Voters finally approved the financing for a new public works facility, so we won't have to fight about that any longer. Jamestowners also endorsed the funding to preserve as open space many acres of our island's prime farmland - never to be developed.

Yes sir, you could say that we've made some real progress in the past year.

When you visit the island in a few days please pay extra attention to those folks who make our town work so well. Start with the volunteers who give so much of their time - from the clubs, churches and civic organizations to the town's committees, boards and commissions to the fire department and emergency services. They are the real backbone of this island.

Don't forget the hard-working town employees and the school staff. Remember the readers and advertisers of the Jamestown Press.

Also, encourage everyone to help the needy and those less fortunate.

Your biggest challenge this year is global. Give the nations' leaders the wisdom to end the fighting and make peace. Here in the U.S., help us keep our economy on an even keel. Finally, let the folks at the top have the common sense to head off what appears to be the beginnings of major climate changes.

Be sure to sprinkle lots of joy and happiness everwhere you go during these holidays.

Yeah, I know all of this is a pretty tall order. Please do what you can.

All the best.

- Jeff McDonough

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