2007-12-20 / Letters to the Editor

Self-defense class was very helpful

I recently attended the R.A.D. women's self-defense course offered by Jamestown Police Officer Karen Catlow and JoAnne Waite, both R.A.D. instructors. I cannot say enough about this course.

I'll start by mentioning that both women volunteer their time, energy, skill, and knowledge to teach this course. How great is that?

It was informative, organized, and extremely well taught. We received valuable written information, awareness-promoting lecture and physical self-defense training all taught in a safe and confidential environment. The atmosphere was serious, yet fun. There was a feeling of comfort and courage that happens when women join together in mutual support.

This course definitely heightened my awareness, empowered me, and left me with even more appreciation for the wonderful people that make up our community.

Thank you Karen, JoAnne, and all the volunteers that helped with this course. It was an experience I will not forget.

Christine Chase


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