2007-12-28 / Letters to the Editor

Fire fighters deserve praise

In the early morning of Dec. 16, during a storm of sleet, wind, snow and freezing rain, the Historic 1750 Benjamin Carr Farmstead in the Windmill Hill Historic District caught fire and severely burned. We are thankful that our tenants Mark Robertson and Jodie Alger, and Bill Bell were not injured physically, although they did lose most of their possessions in the fire.

The State Fire Marshall has said that the cause was undetermined, although most likely the fire was electrical in nature. The State Fire Marshall also told me that if this fire had occurred in other cities or municipalities the house would most likely have burned to the ground. A 1750 wood frame structure is indeed a tinder box. I commend the Jamestown Volunteer Fire Department for a job well done.

I write this letter to praise and thank the Jamestown Volunteer Fire Department for their effort, competency, and skill in fighting and containing this fire. We often tend to take for granted what we have in our midst and also think that the odds of needing fire department services is rather remote. Unfortunately it takes an event of this nature to make one realize just how important it is for all of us in this town to have …and support… the men and women of the Jamestown Volunteer Fire Department. They are a most important asset to the Town of Jamestown.

Don Minto Jamestown

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