2007-12-28 / Letters to the Editor

Schools need councilor on staff

Jamestown has always been known as a "wonderful place to live." Its one of those "everybody knows everybody" towns, and the people who live here generally like it that way. What most people don't know is that Jamestown, for a long time now, has been a "turn your head and look the other way" town. Underage drinking and the use of illegal substances has been an overlooked problem for this town in the past and is now progressing to all new heights. Jamestown is one of the only towns without a DARE program in our schools and the Town Council is now looking to take away one of our only means of substance abuse prevention in the schools. That's Stephanie Nocom, our children's student assistance councilor. Why do they wish to take her out of the school? Simply because they need the money and it's easier to just make a budget cut where people won't really notice, even if it is at the expense of our children. I urge anyone who thinks that this is unfair to come to the next town council meeting, and speak up, and if they don't want to speak up, at least listen to the people who will.

Machi Kuragi


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