2008-01-04 / Letters to the Editor

Design studio is a place of beauty

I am writing in support of Jennifer and David Clancy in their ongoing struggle to have a retail studio for their hand blown glass. They are an asset to our community in many ways. Their studio is a place of beauty, education and preservation of an ancient craft.

It is a shame that they have had so little support and blatant disrespect for the work they are creating. Visiting the Clancy Designs Studio with an open mind and without preconceived judgments, you will find a very community-minded, creative, generous and honest couple.

They are artists and educators who have been recognized by Yankee Magazine, the New York Times and the Providence Journal. We are not asking the zoning board and Town Council to allow an out-of-line corporate retail shop, we are asking you to support the local artists in your community that are helping to make Jamestown an interesting place and a better town.

They are creating all that they sell in their studio and deserve to be supported. Anyone who has given themselves the opportunity to sit and watch the Clancy's blow a glass or leaf print candle holder (or anything for that matter) knows that they are an amazing example of "poetry in motion." Please support them.

Kristin Minto Watson Farm

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