2008-01-04 / Letters to the Editor

Glassblowers add historical value

How interesting that the Jamestown Historical Society has not set up any guidelines to preserve the historical look of Jamestown by requiring new homes to follow the local "atmosphere" of shingles and low lights instead of stone, brick or concrete facades with lots of bright lights, yet they are so concerned about a couple selling hand blown glass on their own property.

How interesting that the local artists don't have a place to show or sell their wares. Many towns celebrate their local artists mostly because that's what tourists want - something local for themselves or as gifts. Maybe a tee shirt store in town is more in order?

I definitely agree with Tiexiera regarding the traffic everyone seems concerned about on North Main Road that might result from the sales of glass. The road already has very high, fast traffic, but it doesn't seem to have negatively impacted the farm stalls, Zeek's or the bakery.

How much more historical can a glass blower on restored property be?

Pem Attaway Third generation Jamestowner

since 1928

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