2008-01-04 / News

Guests set up shop at Town Hall

By Sam Bari

Just after Christmas, guests visiting Town Hall offices during non-business hours became evident, said Town Administrator Bruce Keiser. The clandestine visitors appeared to be in the process of establishing residency on the first floor in the town clerk's office. Keiser said that all evidence is indicative of the presence of mice.

Town Clerk Arlene Petit agreed. She said that she knew something was amiss when she found a felt Christmas stocking stripped of all of its knap. She also found a scarecrow used for Halloween decoration bared of straw, fuzz, string, and other stuffing. However, the stocking fuzz and scarecrow stuffing was found in office drawers and cabinets being used as nesting materials, a sure indication of little rodents setting up housekeeping.

Keiser called an exterminator who installed a high-pitched sonar like system designed to ward off rodents. Unfortunately, the pesky critters were not deterred by the high-tech device. Consequently, the exterminator recommended a more aggressive, yet humane trapping method to rid the new town facility of the persistent little pests.

Harbor Management Clerk Kim Devlin recommended a Town Hall cat. "Then we could have a mascot, and the cat would have a job," she said. Other office personnel agreed, saying that a mouser was a fine idea.

Deputy Town Clerk Kim Turcone also heartily agreed with Devlin. "We definitely need a cat," she said. "I'm sure councilwoman Barbara Szepatowski could help us in that regard." She went on to say that she had photographic evidence of the handiwork of the alleged mice. "I have photographs of nests in my desk, the copier, and in file cabinets," Turcone said. "They're adamant about building nests. I am certain a family is on the way."

Turcone also noted that the mice appeared to take particular interest in the board of canvassers' filing cabinet where they have been persistent in their efforts to build. "Perhaps they're trying to register to vote," she said.

"They haven't really done any major damage to anything other than destroying a few decorations and creating a mess," said Petit. "We don't leave any food anywhere, so it isn't as if we were feeding them. Finding the nesting materials seems to be enough to keep them interested in staying."

"We'll let the exterminators do their work," Keiser said. "If they persist, we'll put the mice on the agenda as a Town Council item, although I'm not convinced that serving eviction notices will help much.

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