2008-01-10 / Letters to the Editor

Where did farm funds go?

It would be helpful (for those who contributed) to receive a written explanation directly from the Conanicut Island Land trust on:

What has happened with the funds contributed to purchase the Neale and Dutra farms?

What has happened to the agreement that spurred the charitable giving in the first place?

A roundabout explanation from the Town Administrator (published in the recent Jamestown Press) helps, but the contributions were solicited and given in good faith - not to the town - but to the Land Trust. An explanation from the Trust will quell undercurrents of concern.

Moreover, it feels awkward to now have to write to the Trust telling them to re-direct the contribution to the town. My other related questions are:

What happens to the contribution if a written request to re-direct is not issued?

Will not the sudden involvement by the town result in a larger tax burden for all? It seems public consensus should have been achieved before this action was taken.

Valerie J. Southern Issaquah, Washington

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