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Live your life to the maximum says Jamestown trainer

By Sam Bari

Jerome Schaub Jerome Schaub Jerome Schaub is an extraordinary personal trainer. So say his local clients. His client history reads like a Hollywood and sports world Who's Who. The cast of Baywatch, Fay Dunaway, and the late, great football player Lyle Alzedo are among them.

"My job is to empower and educate my clients, and enable them to take charge of their own health, fitness, nutrition, and mental well being. With these things optimized, their spirits can soar," Schaub said.

Schaub went on to say that his techniques help people to look and feel better with minimal effort, promising visible results in as little as six weeks. "It's about wellness," Schaub said. " Wellness is a way of living one's life to the maximum. The elements that define wellness are job satisfaction, safety, physical and mental fitness, stress management, and healthy relationships. We all need to develop our own unique combination of balance between these elements to achieve a sense of wellness."

When Schaub meets a client, he analyzes their lifestyle, and tailors a program to fit their needs. He incorporates everything from nutrition to the science of biomechanics to help them improve and take charge of their overall health.

His nutritional program teaches his clients the "difference between fueling ones body for optimal performance and feeding the body just to survive."

Schaub also said, "Metabolic nutrition is the essential core, along with exercise, to achieving this sense of well being. Most people don't realize that these are the keys to having our minds and bodies operate at peak performance. This is what controls the level of balance in our lives.

"Our bodies are designed to be fueled at regular intervals to achieve peak performance. There's a right way to eat, and it's not simply about looking good," he said.

He also explained that core strengthening, stability, and balance work are of major importance as well. "We are all only as strong as our weakest link, and unfortunately people have not been taught the importance of this type of training. It's fun, easy to learn, and absolutely necessary," Schaub said. "Our core is our foundation. It makes little sense to build on a shoddy foundation. It's been my experience, and I've been doing this full time for 26 years, that everyone can and will improve their lives. Learning how to do these things will work for everyone. All it takes is three hours a week, and the quality of life can change dramatically."

When Schaub agrees to develop a program and train a client, that person gets the benefit of many years of training in a variety of disciplines. Schaub was an airborne qualified Army Ranger. He managed a Gold's Gym and trained members in fitness concepts as well as designed fitness and nutrition programs. He is a certified fitness trainer and his capabilities include body building, cycling, martial arts, mountaineering, rock and ice climbing, and scuba diving.

His primary goal is to offer his clients complete, overall fitness, which includes resistance work, cardio-vascular training, core strengthening, stability work, and nutrition.

Schaub was born in Connecticut, went to school in France, studied invertebrate zoology at the University of New Hampshire, and economics at San Francisco State. He also studied creative writing at Santa Monica College in California and screenwriting at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles.

Schaub moved to Jamestown last year and can be reached at 560- 0460 for an appointment and references. "If you are interested in total fitness, calling that number could be the most important phone call of your life," Schaub said

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