2008-01-17 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

Last Thursday, I hadn't yet had time to look at that day's Press when, while checking my e-mail, there was a message from Gloria Conley in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, with the answer to that week's lyrics' poser. How the heck did she do that? Well, it seems that Gloria gets the Press quicker online each week than we do here having it delivered by mail.

But, who is Gloria Conley? Through the miracle of national 411 we tracked her down in her new southern home that is on the coast and she said "similar to Jamestown." Born in Jamestown, she and her husband, Charles, sold their Narragansett Avenue home in 2005 and retired to Elizabeth City.

"We're enjoying the nice weather, no snow shoveling and no taxes."

She checks on Jamestown doings every Thursday online. Her family has a lot of presence on the island. Her daughter, Debbie Irwin, is a teacher assistant at the Jamestown School, an uncle, Edward Cody lives in the Pemberton Apartments, and a cousin, Linda Albaugh, has a home on Grinnell Street.

Gloria said she knows a lot of songs because her mother played the piano and organ and there was always a lot of sheet music around the house.

She tells a story about her younger years, while she was a student at the Clarke School that was located where the library is today. She would walk home for lunch and there was a radio program on at that time offering a diamond to whoever was first identifying a song by mail. The earliest postmark took the prize. On her way back to school she would stop at the Post Office and mail the card with her answer on it.

She won not only once, but twice, but her mother threw out the notices both times proclaiming that Providence was too far to travel. There was also a gimmick. Winners of the diamonds had to pay Tilden and Thurber for the settings.

Now, she gets her answers in a lot quicker but there are no diamonds, just kudos.

And she doesn't have to go to Providence.


In response to last week's poser, Gloria wrote that "Saturday Night is the Loneliest Night of the Week" was sung by Frank Sinatra, and others, in the 40s.

"Saturday night is the loneliest night of the week,

Cause that's the night when my baby and I used to dance cheek to cheek........"

Mary Murchie called in with the correct answer as did Helen Zachadnyk from Cumberland. Larry Lewis wrote, "Frank Sinatra's 'Saturday Night is the Loneliest Night of the Week' was written in 1944 by the great Jule Styne and Sammy Kahn and released by Ol' (Young) Blue Eyes that same year."

Answers to the Jan. 4 poser that we received after our deadline (4 p.m. Sundays) came from our North Carolina Gloria and Skip Kingsley of Wickford who wrote, "I Remember You' is an oldie written by Frank Ifield, done by various artists, the latest being Diana Krall on her CD 'The Look of Love."

Skip asks, "Who is the above artist, Diana Krall, married to?"


You have to know there are a lot of cell phones out there when you start getting wrong numbers.


Mary Wright reminds interested islanders to sign up for the Jamestown Community Theatre's classes, "Behind the Curtain" set to begin Feb. 3, and run for seven weeks.

The three age groups are entitled "The Lollipop Guild," for children under 8, "The Yellow Brick Road," for youngsters 8 to 11, and "The Winged Monkeys," for ages 12 through 100.

Sign-up forms are at the Jamestown Community Center and online at www.jamestownri. net/rec/rec.html. Questions? Call Mary at 423-9993.


Kudos to Jean Silvia who, at the Cathryn Jamieson Salon, cut and donated her hair to Locks of Love. The organization makes hairpieces for women who have lost their hair for medical reasons.


John A. Murphy writes, "Yes'n" is the slang contraction that starts most lines of this American folk anthem:.........


We're now seeing the best football of the year, but with all the Super Bowl entertainment hyperbole I get the feeling that if no one showed up to play that game it wouldn't be noticed.


Don't make it easy for your pet to injure itself says Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic in his Pet Tip of the Week.

"Taking a few minutes to "pet proof" your home can save you from making an emergency trip to your veterinarian's office. Start by considering your pet.

Do you have a kitten that will climb everything in reach, a puppy that will be scouring the floor for things to chew on, or a mischievous pooch that gets into trash, closets, and cabinets whenever left alone?

"Make sure any drapes, blinds, electrical and phone cords, or any hanging plants, or breakable items like vases are kept well out of reach or bundled up so your pet won't be tempted to climb, chew, or knock over those items.

"Make sure all medications (yours or your pets), cleaners, or chemicals are properly stored out

of the way of your pets in rooms, closets, or garages where your quadrupeds won't be likely to go.

"Finally, keep food items, treats, and trash safely out of reach and in pet proof containers to minimize the chances your pet will eat anything out of the ordinary."

"To err is human, to forgive canine"



Some 100 friends and family turned out Saturday night at the PAC Club for a surprise birthday party for newly-16-year-old Tom Stacom.

Music was provided by DJ Jeremy Wigton who, with grandson Tom, planned the event.


... Make your eyes light up and your stomach say howdy.


Larry Lewis responded to our query of why the piggish Spears sisters attract the news camera.

"Sadly, the public pays attention to the antics of Britney Spears and her sister for the same reason we can't seem to resist rubber necking at accident scenes. I call it the LCD Factor.....it seems that the press and other media have a way of appealing to the 'lowest common denominator gene' which, unfortunately, is present in too many of us. To borrow here from Sam Bari, it's all part of a system we can't understand. Me, I'd rather read a good book."



Island music lovers can tune-up on their lyrics and take a trip back in time with the Elderly Brothers' acoustic folk/rock sounds on Sunday, Feb. 3, from 3 to 4 p.m. at the Jamestown library.

Known for its "tight vocal harmonies and boyish good looks," the group entertains audiences with a blend of original material and hits of the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

The Eagles; Crosby, Stills and Nash; Santana; Neil Young; Roy Orbison; The Beatles; Eric Clapton; along with their namesake, the Everly Brothers are some of the artists they draw on for their unique repertoire.

The program, sponsored by the Friends of the Jamestown Library, is free and open to the public.

Questions? Call 423-7280.


Tuesday's full moon is the Old Moon or Moon After Yule.

*** Be true!


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