2008-01-17 / Editorial

A call to arms for island Patriots fan

If you are a regular visitor at the Jamestown Post Office you know that island postal clerk Paul Brunelle is one of the island's most fervant New England Patriots fans.

Paul (pictured above second from the left at one of this season's Pats games at Gillette Stadium) is a member of the Patriots' End Zone Militia. Paul goes to every Patriots home game regardless of the weather.

You have probably seen the militia in action on television during the Patriots home football games. The militia is comprised of volunteer reenactors who are on the field in uniform at both end zones for the Patriots home games. Paul has been a member of militia for three years and is one of four people from Rhode Island. Other militia members hail from Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

The militiamen fire their guns whenever the Pats score. Paul carries a first model Brown Bess. "We know we're having a great season because we are going through so much black powder," Paul said, explaining that the militia members roll their own shots.

Paul has been a Patriots season ticket holder since 1993 and has been to two of their Superbowl games.

If you would like to learn more about the Patriots' End Zone Militia, visit www.endzonemilitia.com.

The Pats will face the San Diego Chargers this Sunday at Gillette Stadium in their quest for a Superbowl berth. Yes, Paul will be there in uniform and appropriately armed to cheer the Pats on to another victory.

- Jeff McDonough

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