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Week of January 24

Compiled by Sue Maden

The news of 10 and 15 years ago is from the Jamestown Press. The news of 100 years ago came from the collection of the Newport Historical Society.

100 years ago From the Newport Daily News, January 22, 1908

The local fishermen have made the best catches of cod for the winter in the past two days; still the catch is small, being far below that of last year.

The schooner with the gear to lay the water main from Saunderstown to Fort Greble has arrived and with a few days of still weather should be able to lay the pipe, giving the island water direct from the springs on the mainland.

From the Newport Daily News, January 23, 1908

Knowles Court is an unusually likely place for this time of year. A force of Providence men have started the large stable on its trip across the island, and another force of Newport movers have started to move the Whitewood cottage from the same court to Walcott avenue.

From the Newport Daily News, January 25, 1908

A small barn on Columbus avenue exposed to the full force of the wind was badly wrecked. The doors were blown in and the south end of the structure was carried away. All the wharves south of the yacht club were washed by a heavy sea and many of them are carried away, while others are minus planking.

The work of moving the cottage and barn from Knowles court has been stopped by yesterday's storm. The cottage is on the Shoreby Hill property, while the barn has been moved as far as the Carr estate.

75 years ago From the Newport Daily News, January 23, 1933

The Clover Leaf Troop of Girl Scouts held their meeting at the town hall under the leadership of the captain, Marjorie Chase. After the salute to the flag and the scout pledge and inspection, patrol corners were held.

From the Newport Daily News, January 25, 1933

An all-day meeting at St, Matthew's Women's Auxilnitely iary was held in the parish house. The day was spent in sewing for the Newport hospital. At noon a roast goose dinner was served, with Mrs. Ralph Fuller in charge.

50 years ago From the Newport Daily News, January 20, 1958

The Jamestown Ferry Authority expects the ferryboats Richmond and Norfolk, bought from the state of Virginia, will be ready soon for the Newport-Jamestown run. The boats, for which the state paid $100,000, are now in drydock at Norfolk undergoing final inspection before coming here.

From the Newport Daily News, January 21, 1958

The Jamestown Town Council, in special session yesterday afternoon, appealed to Gov. Dennis J. Roberts to intervene actively for the establishment of an oil refinery in Jamestown.

From the Newport Daily News, January 28, 1958

Doubts that Commerce Oil Refining Corp. can possibly start construction of a refinery plant in Jamestown on or about April 1 were cast yesterday by opponents of the project at a Narragansett Bay Homeowners Assn. Meeting here (Newport) at he White Horse Tavern.

The Jamestown Town Council last night authorized the Board of Recreation to survey recreational possibilities at the Fort Getty area and submit its findings and approximate cost figure for consideration by the town budget committee.

From the Newport Daily News, January 30, 1958

Gov. Dennis J. Roberts said here last night that he is defi- in favor of the proposed $55,000,000 Commerce Oil Refining Corp. plant in Jamestown.

25 years ago From the Newport Daily News, January 24, 1983

Judith S. Benedict, senior planner of the State Department of Environmental Management, recently spoke on land trusts to the Jamestown Taxpayers Association. She outlined the steps of establishing a land trust committee a growing trend throughout Rhode Island. A land trust committee is a private, non-profit and incorporated organization devoted to the preservation of significant natural areas.

From the Newport Daily News, January 25, 1983

(At the Town Council meeting) the Save the Golf Course Committee asked the Council to put a non-binding resolution on the ballot for the May elections on whether to preserve the golf course as a recreational facility. .

15 years ago From the Jamestown Press, January 21, 1993

Creating a plan to revitalize downtown Jamestown is the task given to a committee recently set up by the Planning Commission. The revitalization plan will establish goals for the kind of downtown area residents want and also find ways to achieve them, said Town Planner George Meservey.

10 years ago From the Jamestown Press, January 22, 1998

School Committee Chairwoman Sirj Carl tried to open last Thursday's meeting at the designated time of 7:30, but couldn't more than a dozen people were still lined up past the door waiting to sign the public forum list for an opportunity to speak on the subject of revising the school's voucher policy.

In its final budget work session last Saturday, the Town Council agreed to set aside $300,000 of the town's $1.39 million budget surplus to put toward construction of a new highway barn.

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