2008-01-24 / Editorial

Contribute to our agrarian preservation


The hard work is done. The island farms have been saved. The Town of Jamestown has secured the development rights to the Dutra and the Neale farms.

That means the two properties along North Main Road- about 140 acres - will remain as agrarian centerpieces of our island's landscape. We no longer have to worry that some day those farms might be turned into a subdivision.

It is important to note that the two properties have been preserved as working farms. The farms will continue to function as agricultural businesses.

We have kept alive a way of life that is quickly disappearing from New England.

In addition to preserving the working farm properties as scenic open space, the town has also obtained an easement to create a two-mile south-to-north walking trail for all islanders to enjoy.

You can still be a part of the effort. Your donation is needed to help fund the farmland preservation project. All monies contributed to the project will be used to offset the $3 million town bond issue that is funding the purchase of the farms' development rights.

To learn more about how you can contribute to the farm preservation, read the town's advertisement on page 9 of this newspaper.

Donate and become a part of Jamestown's agrarian history.

- Jeff McDonough

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