2008-01-24 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks to the land trust

Our memories seem to be short. It is plain to see that preserving the Neale and Dutra Farms from development is something that most islanders support. This issue, when brought to the people to vote, created the largest gathering at a town meeting than most of us can remember. The surprise for me was that only a handful of people were against the preservation.

I believe we are forgetting the efforts made by the Conanicut Island Land Trust to preserve the two large farms before the vote. I believe the CILT should be commended for the creative and well managed public awareness campaign that lead up to the purchase. Without the dedicated efforts of CILT and the level of awareness they created, would we have filled the gym at Lawn Avenue School in support of preserving farmland?

I am not a member of CILT. I did not make a contribution, but I thank them. Even if a technicality caused the Trust to feel they misrepresented the issue to their donors, even though they decided to withdraw from the deal and return the funds, the Conanicut Island Land Trust played a vital part in making the deal go through.

The entire island will benefit and we are all in their debt. I say, "Thank you very much."

Albert Gamble Sampan Avenue

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