2008-01-31 / Letters to the Editor

JHS has sold retail at windmill

The Jamestown Historical Society Board of Directors, in its letter to the Jamestown Press on Jan. 24, restated its position on the Clancy Designs studio matter. For reasons of fairness, a further clarification is necessary concerning "retail sales of non-agricultural products."

For years, the Historical Society has carefully preserved the windmill, opened it in summers for education purposes and, until recently, sold various items, such as t-shirts, to visitors. Unlike some historic windmills, they did not sell items like cornmeal that had been ground on the premises.

For many years, at the windmill, there has been a sign indicating the days and hours the windmill was open. The hours that retail sales could take place were the same. Of course it was a seasonal operation - open only in the summer.

It is my understanding that the Clancys also did NOT request an all-year opening, wishing to be open for educational purposes (demonstrating glass blowing) and sales part of each year.

Although retail sales no longer take place at the windmill, various items continue to be sold at the museum by the historical society each summer.

I believe it is appropriate and reasonable to be aware of both points of view in this matter.

Nancy Logan 149 Seaside Drive

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