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Lawn girls' hoops team drops final season game

By Stephanie Heelan Cotsonas

Brooke Doherty goes for the steal in the Lawn Avenue School girls' basketball game against Martin. Photo by Adrienne Downing Brooke Doherty goes for the steal in the Lawn Avenue School girls' basketball game against Martin. Photo by Adrienne Downing The Lawn Avenue School girls' basketball team suffered a difficult loss Friday in their last home game of the season against Martin Middle School of East Providence.

After the game Head Coach Dave Pritchard told his team how proud he was of them. "We have been playing well the last couple of games. Shooting comes and goes and you can't guarantee, that but they played hard and worked hard and they are having fun," Pritchard said.

The bleachers were packed with parents and siblings, and as Jamestown kept the score even by going basket-for-basket in the first quarter, hopes were high. Strong play by starters Cara Liberati, Sara Smith, Rachel Reppe, Nicole Perez, and Brooke Doherty kept the game intense. "They want this so bad. They have worked so hard." said Leah McGowan, mother of seventh-grader Olivia McGowan.

There was tough defense by Rachelle D'Valario, while Kelsey Bruno and sixth graders Shana Cole and Roma Patel added to the cause.

After half-time, Jamestown was down by eight points, 20-12, but came back with a vengeance as Smith scored less than 20 seconds into the second half. Perez, Liberati, Reppe and Smith kept the pressure on Martin and brought the score within two points towardthe end of the third quarter.

The team looked strong and was working well together, but Martin proved to be too tough in the end, beating the Jamestown Wolves by a final score of 41-28.

Pritchard was happy with his team's determination. "They came within two and that is what you look for, the heart to come back. I am really happy with that," he said.

Seventh-grader Cara Liberati said, "I think we could have done better today but we just got tired at the end. We just fell apart, but we did play really good defense."

Pritchard praised the team's performance and noted that the whole team played well in the game. "Everyone wants to win and everyone wants to be competitive, but the most important thing is to play hard and play to win and if you don't win you don't hold it against the other team or coach," he said.

The players and parents appreciate Pritchard's coaching style and emphasis on sportsmanship. "Nothing rattles him. He is very respectful and you don't hear him screaming from the sidelines," praised Leah McGowan.

Like last season, because the team is large, with a lot of younger players, Jamestown played a fivequarter game where the coaches and referees agree to an additional 10 minutes of playing time after regulation time has ended. Although the score is not recorded, this gives the younger players who don't get as much playing time some game experience. Sophie Perrotti, Olivia McGowan, Kristijana McCarthy, Molly Silvia, Julia Thompson and Amina Brown all contributed in the fifth quarter and had a great time playing as they proved to be a strong match against Martin.

Next season looks promising as this team of mostly seventh-graders has one more year together. "We have improved this season and we have learned to play well together. It is a totally different team from last year," said Liberati.

There is also a solid group of sixth-graders who will add to the depth of next year's team.

Liberati was obviously disappointed as she said, "Next year we will have all the seventh-graders, but we will not have Brooke (Doherty) because she is military and will be leaving."

Jamestown has one more regular season game and will likely play in the second-season tournament in the next few weeks.

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