2008-02-07 / Letters to the Editor

Facts were left out of article

Two key issues were left out of last week's Jamestown Press article about the certificate of occupancy for Jack's Electric.

These were discussed by the Zoning Board and solicitor as they considered Windridge Properties' request for a special-use permit for shared parking.

First, the solicitor pointed out that the certificate of occupancy has to be contingent on shared parking. This is because the new building is so large that the lot cannot accommodate the parking. The result is a certificate of occupancy that becomes invalid once Windridge's shared parking lease expires.

Second, Zoning Board members clarified that the special-use permit is granted for the building's current use - with Jack's Electric as the sole tenant (despite the seven electric meters and separate office suites with numbers on the doors).

If the building was simply constructed according to the original design presented to and approved by the town, this convoluted situation could have been avoided. Instead we have an over-developed lot with a tenuous certificate of occupancy and an identity crisis.

Based on their longstanding precedent of considering enforceability and future potential uses, not just current ones, the board should have denied the permit and required real changes to the building.

The Zoning Board has tossed an enforcement-nightmare into the lap of the Zoning Officer.

Magdalena Andres

13 Clinton Ave.

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