2008-02-14 / Editorial

Register on-line for breaking news alerts

Most of our readers are familiar with this newspaper's Web site. You can find us on the Internet at www.jamestownpress.com.

Our on-line edition has all the news, features, pictures, advertisements and classifieds found in the weekly print edition of the Press. That's just the beginning. Many islanders have commented on the short local video features that we frequently put on-line. You can now also order re-prints of pictures that appear in the newspaper. And you can place classified ads through our Web site.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the Press Web site is that we can report breaking news as it happens. That way you don't have to wait on the next print issue of the Press to get the latest news on important island events.

If you'd like to have e-mail notification of breaking news reported by the Jamestown Press, just go to our home page. You'll find a box in the upper right corner of the page where you can register for the e-mail update.

- Jeff McDonough

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