2008-02-21 / Letters to the Editor

Island has history of helping teens

The story about the teen center brought back terrific memories. In the late 50s, early 60s Don Gillis provided a similar setting with the Boys Club, later Rec Center. It was a busy place that offered a safe haven to us kids, although we probably never realized that until later in life. There was always something going on and Don was always in the middle. Don gave much to the community and even more to us kids then. Later in life I had a chance to emulate Don in a small way. As a dad I became a volunteer soccer coach. We had over 2,300 kids involved in soccer and needed more facilities. I thought back on what Don had done and realized I had to help. Later I became president of our soccer league. We convinced the city and county governments to donate land and money and the US Soccer league donated matching funds. After a couple of years we had a multi-million dollar facility. During the dedication ceremonies I thought of what Don had done for Jamestown way back when. I am sure he would be pleased. I am sure he is also pleased that after so many years, Melissa Minto is following his footsteps and the teens of Jamestown will have yet again a safe haven to go to.

Don - thank you! Melissa - good luck!

Joseph Campo Las Cruces, NM

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