2008-02-21 / Letters to the Editor

Students support wind energy plans

The Jamestown Wind Energy Committee recently received a petition signed by students, along with a few parents and teachers, from the Melrose School supporting a wind generator for Jamestown.

The organizing force behind the petition is Lily Wright, a fourth grader at Melrose School. Last May, Lily took the initiative to write the petition and seek out the support of her fellow students. Her petition starts out, "I have been thinking about global warming (greenhouse effect). I found out about a better, non-polluting way of powering electricity: Giant windmills! These generators use wind to create energy that powers all our electric stuff! I don't know about you, but I think that whoever thought that up is really smart! People have been thinking about getting a windmill for the little town of Jamestown. Do you think we should? If you do, sign here."

In just one afternoon, she was able to get over 70 signatures. That kind of progressive environmental awareness and willingness to put the effort into gathering support is just what we all need to keep Jamestown's and other important alternative energy projects moving forward across the country. The Wind Energy Committee says a thank you to Lily and her fellow environmental advocates for all their support and we share your enthusiasm for bringing a wind energy project to Jamestown in the very near future.

Clayton Carlisle Jamestown Wind Energy


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