2008-02-21 / Letters to the Editor

Nostalgic for the days of old

I wanted to write about an experience I had at Trattoria Simpatico a couple of Thursdays ago. My husband and I were set to have a café menu dinner of burgers and fries at the bar at Trat and then to go home early. While we ate, we chatted and happily listened to Dave Manuel who was playing the piano, as is the usual Thursday entertainment at Trattoria. Having finished our food, we paid our bill and began to leave. It was at that moment that I noticed that someone other than Dave was singing. I turned to look, only to find out that I was listening to David Long, our former Town Council President. He was gently singing Paul Mc- Cartney's memorable and mellow tune, "My Love", accompanied by Dave Manuel. The music was enticing, and we decided to remove our coats and stay a bit longer.

What followed was a succession of familiar songs, and as some diners began to join David in song, I did too. Even Bruce Keiser, our town administrator, performed a rendition of "Rocky Raccoon" that I subsequently found out is his signature song.

I never had met some of the people with whom I now was sharing melodies, and most others I did not know well, but obviously all of us were enjoying something valuable, something one cannot buy. It was wistful flashes of our earlier years when we sang with and danced to LP records, used spindles for our smaller 45s, watched The Beatles on Ed Sullivan, and listened to what we now call the "oldies" or "solid gold" on the radio.

Nostalgia gently reminds us of who were and what we have done that meant more than routine. I know that I will be returning to Trattoria often on Thursday evenings, so I can visit my past and be 16 years old over and over again.

Mary Schachtel Wright


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